Due to the subject nature of this blog, it may cause people to want to contact me to debate issues/topics. I may or may not have time to do so. I would love to answer your questions as well as gain more spiritual friends.

Also, since this blog is intended for women I will not be conversing with men.There are a couple of reasons I do not converse with men privately over internet, but here are a few: 1) a woman is commanded in Scripture to not teach men 2) it would not fit the nature of a woman to quarrel,jest,confide,etc.. with a man 3)to honor my husband, I have chosen to not speak privately with a man online. IF however, you are a gentlemen and would like to know more about the content shared on this blog please refer to my email and it will be forwarded to my husband who will respond as soon as he can.

Ladies: If you do write me try to keep your intent concise as well as spoken in a mature and Christ honoring way. I look forward to meeting and hearing from you.


****Anything that is malicious in nature will not be responded to****


One thought on “CONTACT INFO

    DJ Mynatt said:
    November 15, 2013 at 2:44 am

    My family has been members of ATI for a couple of years now. My daughter homeschools her children and we attend the annual conference. When I searched for “IBLP” it showed your blog. It sounds like your values are very similar to mine. If you do not belong to ATI or know anything about IBLP, please DO NOT believe the harsh, judgmental lies on the Internet. It is a wonderful organization!

    God bless you

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